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“Adam Scott of Goldsboro used to be fond of cooking whole pigs in his back yard. He needed a barbecue sauce to complement the pork, so he developed a vinegar-based blend in the 1940’s. His son, Martel, improved the original recipe and started bottling Scott’s Barbecue Sauce for retail sale in 1948.

The straightforward ingredients in this thin sauce include vinegar, salt, peppers and spices, earning it high marks from area weight control businesses as a cooking sauce, notes Sybil Scott Seward. “When it settles, you can see the peppers on the bottom. Don’t shake it up if you don’t want it as hot,” she says.

Uses for cooking chicken and pork are listed on the bottle, but, Seward adds, many customer marinate seafood in the sauce or add it to seafood after it is cooked.”

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